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Wednesday January 31 at 1 PM on Zoom

Are you in the “third third” of life? Trying to decide if you’ll plan to age-in-place, move nearer to family, be part of a retirement community? Are you caring for loved ones differently – a spouse, a parent, grandchildren? Do you wish there was a place to talk about your faith with others in a similar boat, or just a group with whom to share some coffee?

Good news! Kris Maldarelli, our Minister for Congregational Care, is convening our first “Third Third” group meeting, Wednesday, January 31 at 1 PM on Zoom.  Kris will share some ideas she’s had and we’ll talk together about what this monthly group can be. Come sometimes or come every time! But definitely come on January 31st.  We’ll be on the Warner Zoom non-worship number. Contact Kris if you have questions.