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Earth Care

Peace and justice is God’s plan for all creation. The earth and all creation are God’s. God calls us to be careful, humble stewards of this earth, and to protect and restore it for its own sake and for the future use and enjoyment of the human family.” — Presbyterian Earth Care Pledge

Warner Memorial has been a certified Earth Care Congregation since 2009. Earth Stewardship Team provides guidance and inspiration to the congregation as we live out our Earth Care pledge in four areas: Worship, Education, Facilities and Outreach. 

Sustainable and productive gardening became a part of our work due to the interest of several members. In 2010, the Shepherd’s Garden was established through an Eagle Scout project of a member. Shepherd’s Garden we grow vegetables to benefit Shepherd’s Table in Silver Spring at Progress Place. Harvests are offered to the congregation (and really anyone) in return for a donation of any amount to Shepherd’s Table, as well some produce is delivered to their kitchen. At our pres-school, The Learning Center for Young Children, students visit the veg garden and help with planting seeds and harvest. Their teachers also take them to the other gardens for exploring in nature.

 In 2014, after adding a new elevator tower to make our building more accessible, we recognized that new landscaping was needed. In this light, we added several new garden beds and conservation landscaping. Conservation landscaping and rain gardens reduce toxic runoff to the Potomac watershed and the use of native plants provides a haven for animals and people. 

Most recently, National Capital Presbytery approved our request to install solar panels on our roof. By installing these panels, we are able to provide electric energy to both the church and the community at large. We have partnered with Housing Unlimited and Our Community Solar Project to further our witness and commitment to the community. With expenses saved from our conservation we will give extra funds as an offering back to those in our community who are unable or are struggling to pay their personal expenses.