Second Sunday Series

Common Room, Warner Memorial Pesbyterian Church Second Sunday Series is a roundtable discussion series that meets monthly on the second Sunday of each month. This offers opportunities for people of conscience to gather together to discuss today’s social problems and to foster a growing chorus of diverse moral voices calling for justice. Let’s speak as a united community, where we find common ground.

May 10, 2020 - 12:30 - 2:00 pm
Roundtable Discussion on Zoom, Meeting ID: 810-5487-4105
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Contemplative Thoughts:

Who is our community?
Who are we not hearing?
How can we hear what they can teach us?

Rev. McNamara will preach during morning worship at 11am and afterwards teach about ‘New Worshipping Communities’ one of which he is currently developing as the Center for the Holy Imagination in Silver Spring, MD involving a number of projects such as Irreverent Reverence and More Than Mindfulness Mondays.

Mike McNamara is a Presbyterian pastor serving Adelphi Presbyterian Church in Adelphi, MD, as well as forming a New Worshipping Community rooted in contemplative practice in Silver Spring, MD. Mike has two young boys ages 2 and 4. He has a particularly strong love of rock climbing and good coffee. Catch him at and on instagram: @a_contemplative_life.

Upcoming Second Sunday Discussions:
July 12 - Immigration