Haiti - Day 8

Coming Home

Day 8, July 2, Île de la Gonâve to Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Received July 3 due to lack of internet access on Île de la Gonâve

Dear Friends and Family,
http://www.warnermemorial.org/uploads/Flag_and_boy.jpgThe next morning, we left La Gonave for Port au Prince on a small ten-seater airplane.  Children thronged around us at the landing site.  We gave them our last bottle of water and a bread and jam sandwich wrapped for a later lunch.  They shared morsels of bread and the bottle of water.  It felt like a last communion, but we also felt a deep sadness because we had nothing else to give them.   One young boy stood on a wall beside the flag of Haiti, its edge ragged and worn, but his stance straight and alert, watching for an incoming plane, a valiant spirit despite whatever has come.

http://www.warnermemorial.org/uploads/Sisters.jpgWe were deeply moved by the opportunity to share life with the people of Haiti, to work with them literally and figuratively "in the trenches" for a short while at least.  We could not have done it without the prayers, love, and support of our Warner Presbyterian families and friends.  The email messages meant a lot to us as we worked away hot, dirty, and tired.  We felt your presence with us and worked to be your witness to the people of Haiti.  We came home with a deep reverence for the Spirit that unites us with the people of Haiti and gives them strength to carry on.  Their lives are so much harder than ours.  We knew we were coming home, but we also knew they were staying day after day and year after year to face whatevehttp://www.warnermemorial.org/uploads/10-seater_plane.jpgr comes.  We had given all we could, but knew it wasn't nearly enough.  So my joy over this July 4th holiday is bittersweet and mixed with tears.  The U.S. is such a paradise, an almost incredible fairytale land often taken for granted, but separated by space, time, and thought from the beautiful and valiant people and children of Haiti.  God protect them and protect us from blindness.

Warner Team