Worldwide Mission

Acting Globally

Warner supports a number of international organizations that work for peace, justice and to ease suffering  throughout God's world.  In addition to monetary support, Warner provides donations of material goods and spiritual encouragement.  Below are a few of our partners in worldwide mission.

Church World Service (CWS) 
works with partners to eradicate hunger and poverty and to promote peace and justice around the world. Warner participates annually in the CWS Crop Walk and prepares health kits that CWS delivers to disaster victims.  The CWS video below shows children around the world, with a song by Tim Janis, in support of CROP Hunger Walks. The song is sung by school children in Kenya. Unlimited for Children provides education and Christian homes for children rescued from the Brazilian streets. Warner has been supporting this work for well over a decade. Church members have visited the City Of Youth in Campinas Brazil on several occasions, some of our members have served on Hope's Board, and we enjoy sending Valentine cards to the children at Hope every year. Click here to view the NBC "Making a Difference" segment about Hope to learn more about the important work they do.

Last year Hope was approached by the Brazilian government about providing similar support for children now in prisons, and Warner sent an extra contribution to help get this started. Click here to see a letter sent to congregation members Cory and Ginny Atwood which describes the current situation there.

Jerusalem International YMCA (JIY) - Warner supports the Jerusalem International YMCA's peacemaking programs that bring together Christian, Jewish and Muslim youth, including a holiday party in December.