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Date Title Speaker
4/30/2017 Recognizing the Presence

How can we be assured that the Risen Lord is with us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/23/2017 Heartfelt

An expression of deep gratitude

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/16/2017 Proclaiming Resurrection

What happens to enable Mary to be the first to proclaim resurrection and what would it mean for us to proclaim it as well?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/9/2017 Welcoming the Lord's Approach

How does our Lord approach life and death, not just the Holy City?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/26/2017 Sight

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/19/2017 Divine Initiative

What are the possibilities when God's loving initiative reaches out to us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/5/2017 Remembering Whose We Are

Who is the God to whom we belong?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/1/2017 Who is the Audience?

Can we take on spiritual practices that will reflect God's love whole-hardheartedly?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
2/26/2017 Less Fully Confirmed

What about those of us who didn't hear the voice from above?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
2/19/2017 The Identity of our Neighbor

How far is our love supposed to go?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
2/12/2017 Getting All the Way There

God wants even more than a Promised Land for us.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
2/5/2017 Fast Living

What happens when we live within heavenly constraints and according to God's commands?

Kirby Lawrence Hill

Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.

Psalm 100:2