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Date Title Speaker
3/26/2017 Sight

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/19/2017 Divine Initiative

What are the possibilities when God's loving initiative reaches out to us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/5/2017 Remembering Whose We Are

Who is the God to whom we belong?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/1/2017 Who is the Audience?

Can we take on spiritual practices that will reflect God's love whole-hardheartedly?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/24/2016 What Kind of Meal?

What was the significance of the Last Supper meal and what does it signify for us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill

What keeps us moving in our journey in service to God?

Kirby Lawrence Hill

WE know our priorities, but what are God's priorities and how do they impact us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill

Extravagant acts in praise of God.

Dottie LaPenta
2/21/2016 Unrelenting

A look at the Jesus who would not give up on those who needed his ministry, and what that says about God's approach to us.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
2/14/2016 First

What and who do we put first in our lives?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
2/10/2016 Now

There are plenty of reasons to put off rededicating ourselves to God - there are better reasons to do so now.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/22/2015 Time for You to Leave, Jesus

What is it about Jesus' presence that is so uncomfortable?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/15/2015 Light Hearted

How God's love opens our hearts to God's light

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/1/2015 Ending the Protest

How can we come to the point of accepting where Jesus will go in leading us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/17/2014 Proclaiming the Lord’s Death

What does it mean to proclaim the Lord’s death when we observe the sacrament of holy communion?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/6/2014 If the Lord Had Been Here

A time to lament and a time to understand where the Lord is when we suffer loss

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/30/2014 What Do We See?

What is the cause of multiple cases of visual impairment?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/23/2014 Thirsty

God gives us certain appetites and needs, along with wonderful ways to meet them.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/16/2014 In Order That the World

How broad is the purpose of God’s initiatives engaging humanity?

Kirby Lawrence Hill

O God, to those who have hunger, give bread, and to those who have bread, give a hunger for justice.

Latin American Prayer