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Date Title Speaker
4/16/2017 Proclaiming Resurrection

What happens to enable Mary to be the first to proclaim resurrection and what would it mean for us to proclaim it as well?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/27/2016 No Longer Idle

How does the resurrection story become our story?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
5/17/2015 Hope, Riches, Greatness

What are the hopes, riches and greatness to which God calls us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
5/10/2015 FOJ

What does it mean to be a friend of Jesus?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
5/3/2015 The Source

Jesus is the loving source of our growing identity and fruitfulness

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/26/2015 Giving Notice

What does love that puts itself on the line look like?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/19/2015 Sacred

How do we understand what is sacred in light of Jesus' resurrection?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/12/2015 Life in Jesus' Name

How does believing in the resurrected life of Jesus lead to life in his name?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/5/2015 Movements

How do Mary's movements outside the empty inspire our own movements?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
5/4/2014 Recognition

How might we recognize the risen Lord in our midst?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/27/2014 A Living Hope

The resurrection indicates that we don’t have to be afraid of hope.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/20/2014 Do Not ...

What does the resurrection of Jesus tells us about how we should respond to it?

Kirby Lawrence Hill

May the Lord Jesus Christ strengthen you in his glorious might, to meet whatever comes, with patience, and with fortitude, and with joy.

Colossians 1:11