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Date Title Speaker
10/22/2017 Two Small Coins

Rev. Todd Sutton
1/22/2017 Follow and Fish

What is the relationship between following Jesus and proclaiming the gospel?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
11/13/2016 Giving Empowers Love

Love that does not give of itself is anemic; but giving that is based in love changes the world.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
7/17/2016 A Credible Creed?: The Resurrection of the Body

Spiritual just has to do with the non-physical? Right? Maybe not!

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/24/2016 What Kind of Meal?

What was the significance of the Last Supper meal and what does it signify for us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/31/2016 Love That Keeps Running

The challenge of a loving God

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/5/2015 Movements

How do Mary's movements outside the empty inspire our own movements?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/2/2015 Just As

How Jesus has loved us gives guidance for how we ought to love one another.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
2/1/2015 Coming Clean

What does getting clean on the inside look like and how does it relate to godliness?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
11/30/2014 Waiting for the Revelation

How our waiting for God can be instructive.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
8/3/2014 Faith and Humility

Faith calls for boldness, but there is much reason for us to be humble in living out our faith. How do we combine faith and humility?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
7/13/2014 Faith and Faithfulness

How can we diminish the difference between what we believe and what we do?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
6/8/2014 Why is Pentecost our Birthday?

Why is the coming of the Spirit considered to be the beginning of the church?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/17/2014 Proclaiming the Lord’s Death

What does it mean to proclaim the Lord’s death when we observe the sacrament of holy communion?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/19/2014 Grace Given

What does God-given grace do for us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9:7