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Date Title Speaker

Extravagant acts in praise of God.

Dottie LaPenta
11/8/2015 Two Whys

Two of the most vulnerable commended for giving all they had - how does that make sense?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
11/1/2015 Why Two?

Why does Jesus list two great commandments when he is asked for one?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
10/25/2015 Take Heart

As we look to Jesus for vision & direction, there is reason for us to take heart.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
10/18/2015 Last Place

What is the true meaning of last place?

Dorothy Churn LaPenta
10/11/2015 The Invulnerable

The spiritual dangers that come with wealth and what we can learn about our lives from that.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
10/4/2015 The Vulnerable

How much we can learn about how to live by focusing on the vulnerabilities of living things and the ones around us.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
9/20/2015 From Above and From Beneath

Where do we look in order to grow in greatness?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
9/13/2015 Who Do You Say?

How do we grow in our understanding of who Jesus is and who we are as his followers?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
9/6/2015 A Dogged Faith

When does determination add to faithfulness and when it is just being stubborn?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
8/30/2015 An Enemy Within

How do we deal with the enemy that lives within us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
7/5/2015 Traveling Light

What Jesus says to take for a mission trip and what that means for us.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
6/21/2015 The Other Side

How far does the good news go when impediments arise?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
6/14/2015 Rejecting Cynicism

What is the nature of a faithful hope and how can we have one?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
6/7/2015 Insiders and Outsiders

How does Jesus respond to resistance to his message?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/22/2015 Time for You to Leave, Jesus

What is it about Jesus' presence that is so uncomfortable?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/1/2015 Ending the Protest

How can we come to the point of accepting where Jesus will go in leading us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
2/9/2015 Renewed Strength

When we are exhausted, where do we look for renewal?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
2/1/2015 Coming Clean

What does getting clean on the inside look like and how does it relate to godliness?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/25/2015 What's The Attraction?

What is it about Jesus that entices us to leave the security we have known?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/11/2015 Torn Apart

When Jesus was baptized, he saw the heavens torn apart. What does that mean for our baptism?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
12/7/2014 Appropriate Preparation

How we prepare not for the season, but for the reason for the season.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
9/7/2014 Getting Past the Barriers

God wants the barriers to coming together taken down.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
7/20/2014 Faith and Doubt

Is doubt the opposite of faith, or a necessary part of it that enables faith to grow?

Kirby Lawrence Hill

‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you know me, you will know my Father also. From now on you do know him and have seen him.’

John 14:6-7