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Date Title Speaker
2/5/2017 Fast Living

What happens when we live within heavenly constraints and according to God's commands?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/15/2017 Come and See

When we follow Jesus, it requires going where he goes, with a willingness to see things in a new way.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/8/2017 Beloved

What do the waters of baptism communicate?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
12/25/2016 Full of Grace and Truth

Why it matters that Jesus was full of grace and truth.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
12/24/2016 A Higher Decree

The Roman Caesar put out his decree about everyone being registered. God puts out a more significant decree that still registers with us today.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
12/11/2016 On Display

What the glorious redemptive work of God looks like.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
12/4/2016 A Spirited Shoot

New life is coming that brings a certain spirit and deep knowledge of the Lord - what difference will that make?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
11/27/2016 The Light of the Lord

Those who seek God's light see where they are, where they are going, and see the reasons to have confidence in God's presence.

Kirby Lawrence Hill

What keeps us moving in our journey in service to God?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/17/2016 A Rejoicing God

What does it mean for us that we have a God who rejoices in humanity?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/10/2016 A Resilient Identity

What can enable the identity God gives each one of us to be a resilient one?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
12/24/2015 Good News of Great Joy

God's initiative takes place and its spreading impact is good news of great joy.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
12/13/2015 Why Are We Singing?

Why Are We Singing?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
2/9/2015 Renewed Strength

When we are exhausted, where do we look for renewal?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
12/24/2014 A Response to Good News

When good news isn’t very new, what is to be our response to it?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
12/7/2014 Appropriate Preparation

How we prepare not for the season, but for the reason for the season.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
11/30/2014 Waiting for the Revelation

How our waiting for God can be instructive.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
9/28/2014 Connections

The report from the Oklahoma Mission Team. God is working through us and within us at the same time.

Mission Team
9/7/2014 Getting Past the Barriers

God wants the barriers to coming together taken down.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
6/22/2014 From the Housetops

Why good news is to be shared boldly.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/26/2014 Left Behind

What needs to be left behind in order to follow Jesus?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/19/2014 Grace Given

What does God-given grace do for us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/12/2014 Fulfilling Righteousness

What is the righteousness to which God calls us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/5/2014 Diligent Searching

Where might diligent searching for the Lord Lead us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
12/24/2013 A Child

The difference the child sent by God makes.

Kirby Lawrence Hill

'The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, 19to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.'

Luke 4:18-19