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Date Title Speaker
10/8/2017 Book Ends: River of Life

Dave Grace
3/19/2017 Divine Initiative

What are the possibilities when God's loving initiative reaches out to us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/5/2017 Remembering Whose We Are

Who is the God to whom we belong?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
8/9/2015 Stories of Joseph: God's Intentions

How do we understand God's activity in shaping our lives?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
8/2/2015 Stories of Joseph: Restoration

How our relationship with God can bring healing to human relationships.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
7/26/2015 Stories of Joseph: God's Provision

How is that there is going to be enough to meet human needs?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
7/19/2015 Stories of Joseph: When Things Gone Awry

How to respond when life doesn't seem to be going our way.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
7/12/2015 Stories of Joseph: Jealousy

How jealousy can tear apart human relationships.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
6/7/2015 Insiders and Outsiders

How does Jesus respond to resistance to his message?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/1/2015 Ending the Protest

How can we come to the point of accepting where Jesus will go in leading us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
7/27/2014 Faith and Science

In a world that depends upon science, what role does faith play?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
6/15/2014 Saying and Seeing

What creation tells us about the One who creates.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/16/2014 In Order That the World

How broad is the purpose of God’s initiatives engaging humanity?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/9/2014 Enticement

What is it that entices us to move away from who God wants us to be?

Kirby Lawrence Hill

‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me.'

John 14:1