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Date Title Speaker
11/26/2017 Salty

Rev. Todd Sutton
4/23/2017 Heartfelt

An expression of deep gratitude

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/9/2017 Welcoming the Lord's Approach

How does our Lord approach life and death, not just the Holy City?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
11/6/2016 The Eternals and Internals

God offers us comfort so we won't be overwhelmed, and gives us hope so we won't give up on working for positive change.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
10/9/2016 Another Good Samaritan

Here is another Samaritan who shows us how to live - accepting God's unexpected gifts with gratitude.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
9/4/2016 In Our Business

How much freedom do we have to leave God out of our lives?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
5/29/2016 The Competition

What competes for our time, attention, and commitment?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
5/8/2016 The Need to be Freed

What liberation might God have in store for you?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
5/1/2016 Untroubled, Unafraid

How is it that our hearts might be untroubled and unafraid?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
2/21/2016 Unrelenting

A look at the Jesus who would not give up on those who needed his ministry, and what that says about God's approach to us.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
11/15/2015 What Shall We Render to the Lord?

What shall we give as individuals and as a church and why?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
10/4/2015 The Vulnerable

How much we can learn about how to live by focusing on the vulnerabilities of living things and the ones around us.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
9/13/2015 Who Do You Say?

How do we grow in our understanding of who Jesus is and who we are as his followers?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
8/16/2015 Bread of Life

What are signs of Christ's presence as a living word in the world today?

Dave Grace
5/17/2015 Hope, Riches, Greatness

What are the hopes, riches and greatness to which God calls us?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
1/25/2015 What's The Attraction?

What is it about Jesus that entices us to leave the security we have known?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
10/5/2014 Pressing On

Why we don’t give up seeking and working for God’s will for humanity and creation? Because we have been made Christ’s own and he did not give up.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
7/27/2014 Faith and Science

In a world that depends upon science, what role does faith play?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
6/15/2014 Saying and Seeing

What creation tells us about the One who creates.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
5/25/2014 Called Alongside

In Jesus’ absence, there is One ‘called alongside’ of God’s people.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
5/11/2014 The Shepherd’s Voice

What are the characteristics of the voice of the Shepherding God?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
4/13/2014 Two Realities

Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem shows the different understandings of reality that are possible.

Kirby Lawrence Hill
3/2/2014 A Touch and a Word

What keeps us from being overcome with fear when we have an encounter with God?

Kirby Lawrence Hill

‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me.'

John 14:1