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Date Title Speaker
11/29/2015 Abounding Love, Strengthened in Holiness

What is to be our focus when we think about the coming of our Lord?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
11/22/2015 Not From Here

What is the nature of Jesus' reign over against human kingdoms?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
11/15/2015 What Shall We Render to the Lord?

What shall we give as individuals and as a church and why?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
11/8/2015 Two Whys

Two of the most vulnerable commended for giving all they had - how does that make sense?

Kirby Lawrence Hill
11/1/2015 Why Two?

Why does Jesus list two great commandments when he is asked for one?

Kirby Lawrence Hill

For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is also dead.

James 2:26