Warner Memories

Please share your memories of Warner with us.

http://www.warnermemorial.org/uploads/MEMORIES_EARLY_WARNER.jpgWarner Memorial Presbyterian Church has been in existence since 1893.  Over the decades thousands of lives have been touched by its ministry.  Recently, we received a Warner cookbook from the daughter of a former member.  This cookbook was from the 1920's and, besides being a wonderful find, is an example of Warner's long history of excellent cooking and fellowship.  We're seeking memories anyone might have of Warner in any format, whether it's writing, photographs, audio tapes or records, or video.

http://www.warnermemorial.org/uploads/CUMBERLAND_90S_MISSION_TRIP.jpgIf you already have a memory in digital form, please shoot us an email to memories@warnermemorial.org with your memory attached.  It doesn't matter if it's from yesterday or a hundred years ago, we would love to have it.  If you have something in an analog form, such as prints, letters, books, newspaper clippings, audio or video tapes, please mail them to Outreach, Warner Memorial Presbyterian Church, 10123 Connecticut Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895.  Please include as much information as possible about what you send us and let us know whether we can keep what you send, or if you would like it returned after we digitize it.  Remember the five W's: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.  We'll be happy to add it to the rich quilt of Warner's history.